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Conference ends on motivational note

2011 September 28

Minister of Agriculture Hon. Prof. Peter Mwanza addresses conference participants

"Let's get started" was the general theme after a day and a half of energetic and vigorous discussion and mutual learning during the "Unleashing Agriculture's Potential for Improved Nutrition and Health in Malawi" conference.

Plenary and discussion group leaders emphasized implementation, acting on the existing political will and  identifying and using  "drivers" to push for action on sectorally linked policies.

More specifically, a major point condensed from Plenary Session 1, " Learning from Global, Regional, and National Perspectives" was that the emphasis should be on nutritional advocacy.

From Plenary Session 2, "Evidence on Agriculture's Contribution to Nutrition and Health Outcomes," the panel highlighted that services to link relevant, targeted research and technology to smallholder farmers should be strengthened, including behavior change communication on nutrition and building on existing agriculture extension efforts.

Plenary 3, "Strengthening the Linkages: Policy Frameworks and Programme" emphasized increasing the visibility and integration of nutrition in the major agricultural strategy, the ASWAp.

Please check back shortly for presentations and speakers' summary notes.

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